Helium backup of Google Messages App data from Android 6.0 not working in Android 7.0


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Hi all,

I'm having a really weird glitch with Helium's backup of app data from Marshmallow into Nougat. I'll explain briefly:

I recently switched my old Samsung GS5 (running stock Android 6.0.1) for an LG V20 (running stock Android 7.0) so I created Helium backups of a lot of app data, including Google Messenger (now called Android Messages).
When I tried to restore the app data backup of Google Messenger into the LG V20 with Google Messenger already installed, the old texts show up on the app but after a while (or after I restart the phone) all messages are gone and only new messages show up (only a few messages that I received the day that I started using the V20, before I could run the app data restore).
Does anyone know of a way to get around this issue? I'm currently thinking about finding a way to get the texts out of the Android Messenger app right after the Helium restore, before they are gone, and then restore them back into Android Messenger, perhaps via another backup & restore app. I don't know if that'll work though.

Any thoughts?


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Feb 12, 2012
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SMS Backup & Restore should work. But between Marshmallow and Nougat (and between versions of apps running on them) data formats have changed, so just moving the data sometimes doesn't work. (It should for SMS.) Then you have to back up the app also - and restore both the app and the data - and hope that the app runs in Nougat.

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