Peter Schulte

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May 27, 2012
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I started in the tech business in 1979 selling Apple II's and writing dBase code. Fast forward to Jan 2010 - we were on vacation when my Blackberry died. I only had 2 requirements for it's replacement: the new one could (or would) do what the iPhone could (don't get me started on Apple), and it hung off the Verizon network (don't get me started on AT&T either). I ended up with one of the early Motorola 'Droids, then replaced it in March 2011 with a Thunderbolt. Now we're talking. Old timers like me dreamed of this stuff back then and why not? We watched the first guys walk on the moon, live, on black and white TV. We nerds had to use slide rules, (believe it or not the biggest pocket protector crowd was mechanics and filling station jockeys). Even so, back then anything seemed possible, much more so than today. The reason I'm joining this community is to improve my mobile tool set because of two intense avocations: full remote management of rental property (Vera), and improving the quality of life of a disabled loved one.

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