Help Me To Choose Between LG V40, V60 or G8x Please!


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May 28, 2013
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So I'm having a hard time deciding if I should get either a LG V40 or V60 or even LG G8x to replace my sluggish LG V30? V40 & G8x can be had for around $200-300 both are good phone's.

G8x has a better battery, better processor, more memory plus a better front selfie camera. But it also has lower ppi 403 vs 537 on LG V40. 2 rear camera vs 3 on LG V40. I also heard the finger print reader is finicky and someone mentioned that with Android 10 it was even worse. Lastly G8x has lower screen resolution 1080x2340 vs 1440x3120

A fella on YouTube mentioned that if you get the LG V40 unlocked version which is V405QA7 that it has root available and that you can fix battery and throttling issues.

Or do I bite the bullet and get the LG V60 for more of a future proof thing? I'm sure there is some positive and trade-offs with this too. I just bought my wife a One Plus 8 from T-mobile today for $350 with 50% off. Would of gotten the One Plus 7T for $150 but it was out of stock everywhere probably because it's now discontinued.

I myself like having a SD card and headphone jack so LG is still probably best for me to stay with. Help me out here please, what phone should I get? Thanks Ron.

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