HELP!!! - Phone reset whilst updating - HELP!!!


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Jul 11, 2014
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My phone is the Honor 7, previously running EMUI 3.1, now running a dodgy EMUI 4.

The back story; (For additional information)
I wanted to get the new EMUI 4 update on my phone, but needed to update to B180 from B121. This update would constantly fail at 10%. I figured this was due to the 'root' I had on my device. However, this was a partial-root as some things would work and some things wouldn't. I originally rooted my phone with KingRoot. I could not un-root my device with superuser, SuperSU or KingRoot. I tried to install a custom recovery but that failed. I came across a thread with OTA updates and new 'stock' ROMs for EMUI 3.1 and EMUI 4 for my device specifically (PLK-L01). I downloaded this and followed the instructions in the provided pdf. I navigated my phone on windows and copied the entire internal storage to a folder named 'Backup'.I also used
adb pull / D:\Backup2
to make a copy of 'all' my phones files - once the command ran it spent 5 minutes skipping 'special files'. I took out my SD card and backed this up too, in a folder called 'SD_Backup'. I formatted my SD card ready for the update file.

I placed the into the /dload folder on my SD card and typed
and selected Software Upgrade, SDCard Upgrade, OK. The phone promptly rebooted and booted into the update screen. The update went swimmingly until 100% where it flashed Done, then Software Install Failed. The phone automatically rebooted and I was greeted with a setup screen, asking for my prefered language. I figured it had worked, but then to my horror none of my apps were there and all my files had been wiped. I was distraught and still am.

I after checking the backups after the reset I have found that most, if not all the folders were empty from my 'Internal Storage' backup. I am not too bothered about losing my apps as most of these are cloud apps, however I am most worried about my contacts and messages. I am not installing any apps as of yet, in my knowledge the files haven't been overwritten yet so technically they're still recoverable? I had a lot of contacts that took time to get and knowing my status, it will be difficult to get them back. Additionally, some apps, like the camera, have updated to bring a whole host of new features to the Honor 7, however the music app has not, I do not have 'Screen Candy' or 'Protective Eye Mode' which are shown on the offical EMUI 4 features website here

So the questions;
How to recover my contacts and/or messages? (Google, helpful as always, did NOT backup my contacts or messages)
How to recover apps that were 'installed on SD card'? (As all SD card data is, hopefully, intact)
How to update settings and other appropiate apps?
Is there any way to recover anything at all? :'( :(

Thanks so much for reading all of that,