help required rooting note 4


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Dec 25, 2012
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this is my second time to try rooting my phone after i failed and gave up a year ago.
i have got itchy fingers for a new phone but nothing is grabbing me, so i'd like to try and root this and use it for longer.
i have tried various methods with no luck.

my phone is a note 4, bought from the three network in ireland in may 2015 and is unlocked by three.

model number - SM-N910F
android version - 6.0.1
security patch level - 1 march 2017
baseband version - N910FXXS1DQA2
kernel version - 3.10.40-9117724 dpi@SWDG4518 #1
build number - MMB29M.N910FXXS1DQC6

i apologise if i am missing a thread with my answer....and will be very grateful for any help.