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Dec 27, 2012
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Hope this is in the correct place.

I have just got samsung galaxy y
All ok except I tried to alter the notification tone, and now I have no tone at all, I have gone into settings and it shows it as being set as whistle, but no notification happens when I receive a txt, the ring tone works ok.

I downloaded a new set of tones by following a web "How To" and made the new file, and it then showed these in the normal notification list, but it didnt work, so I deleted it, and now I have the above problem, also:-
I can not seem to set any tone via message menu path, this way is not highlighted at all, as if the path does not exist.

It did work, so I am sure it is something I have done.
thank you for any replies.


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Aug 13, 2010
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It's probably the wrong forum but I'll should be able to help.

First make sure your volume is on, and sound is enabled.
Hi to your text app hit the menu and select the settings. Scroll down and make sure that the notifications check box ids enabled, also make sure the notification sound is set.

That's all

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