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How can a bad esn become good?


AC Question

how can a bad esn becomes good?

How can we use this bad esn phone? is there a place/site that I can buy? Is there a place/site to fix icloud lock or bypass?


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Feb 12, 2012
Re: how can a bad esn becomes good?

The owner of the phone has to go to the carrier that reported it bad, with a government-issued photo ID in the US, and ask them to remove it.

It's listed as bad in an industry database, so nothing you can do, short of breaking into the building and removing it from the database, can "bypass" that.

Legally, what you should do is turn it over to the carrier. Since it's been reported stolen (that's why it's "bad"), you're in possession of stolen property, which is normally a felony. If you bought it from someone, report it to the police instead.