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How can I connect my Android device to Android studio?


AC Question

can't connect my android device to android studio

Hi all, I'm trying to connect my device to android studio but it doesn't detect, it no matter what I try. My device is an Aquaris E5 and is running android 4.4.4.
I want to use it as test device for my apps.
I'm on a mac computer running os x 10.9.4 and it seems like it's a device problem, because I've tried with another device (jiayu jy-G4) running android 4.2.1 and works just fine.
I've enabled usb depuration in the developer menu and according to google this is all I need to do. My android studio is up to date and I've downloaded all the skd's, plugins, etc...
So I'm a bit confused, and also new on this, so I don't know what else to try. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!