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How can I remove multiple imo contacts which have been syncd from gmail account?

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My friend has no gamil account. So I logged in the play store of her phone with my gmail account so that she could download android app. I didn't know about contacts sync. All my contacts from gmail was syncd into her phone.

So, she had all my contacts in her IMO account and messenger. I have a very long list of friends in the contacts. So, It would be tiresome to remove contacts one by one from her imo account and messenger.

I later removed my gmail from her phone. But still new imo account (from my friendslist) is being added.

What are the best possible soultion for this? I want to delete all my contacts from her IMO and messenger.

Is there a good solution for this please let me know. I'm available at [email removed]

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! How did you remove your Google account? Did you go to Settings>Accounts, tap your Google account, then Remove Account?

Govinda rajan Raman

New member
Jun 25, 2018
Did this resolved.. im having the same problem.. after deleting my google account manually in my friend mobile it is showing my contacts in IMO.. Thanks in advance for the reply


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
First - Android phones should have Google accounts. Aside from the free backup storage you get, if you get locked out of the phone because you forget the pattern, PIN or password, Android Device Manager can help. If you can't find your phone, and can't remember where you left it, Android Device Manager can locate it for you. (If it says that the phone is at your house, at least you know you didn't lose it at Walmart.) And, of course, you can install apps from Play.

As for intermixed contacts like that, it's easier on a laptop or PC - go to Google Contacts and delete the ones that shouldn't be on that account. When the phone syncs, it should lose them. As for IMO and other apps with contact lists, the only way I know of to delete contacts is one by one. (Or uninstall IMO, restart the phone, reinstall IMO, and it will pick up the current [corrected] contact list.)