How do I get the tabs for google chrome on android to be in the recent apps page again?


AC Question

Previously each google chrome tab I had open could be viewed in the recent apps page (IMGUR: WTX1uiQ.png) when I clicked on the button on my phone (in the screencap its the bottom right button thats a square in front of another square) that made me view my recent apps but for some reason (I dont know if its because of the update) now I cant view them like that and can only view my google chrome tabs when I click on the top right button on a google chrome page (IMGUR eSgfO9F.png) (the one with the 6) which appeared all of a sudden. How can I make is it was like how it was before where I could view my google chrome tabs on the recent apps page rather than only being able to see them through clicking on the top right square in a google chrome page? This actually happened to me before and I did fix it but I forgot how. Any other information anyone needs to help me? Or anyone know of any other places that could be willing to help? (for the parenthesis imgurs I put, simply put i dot imgur dot com forward slash then those letters and numbers and dot png after since this forum doesnt allow links)