How do I shut down an open recursive DNS server running on a "MCGURU" (Android 4.0) box?


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Dec 22, 2016
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I posted this a couple of days ago in the "Ask a question" forum, but I thought it might get more traction here.

I'm the network administrator for one of the residences at the University of Toronto. One of my residents recently had his network access blocked by UofT's central network security team because an open recursive DNS resolver was detected at his IP address. Normally when this happens I just find out what model of router they're using and google instructions on how to fix it. (Typically either some setting in the configuration or a firmware update.)

In this case, though, his "router" was an Android TV box set to act as a wireless hotspot. He didn't know the make of the box. The logo on it reads "MCGURU", and googling that term found me a hit on Amazon China which suggested the manufacturer was "Asahi", but there seem to be a lot of companies with that name in East Asia; I wasn't able to find the manufacturer's website. The box was running Android 4.0.something, and there was no software update option in the Settings menu.

So I thought I'd ask here: is this a known issue with Android 4.0's wireless hotspot feature, and if so is there a fix? (If anybody knows anything about this box in particular, that would be helpful too.)

Thanks and Merry Christmas!


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: How do I shut down an open recursive DNS server running on a "MCGURU" (Android 4.0) box?

1. Asahi is a unisex name, so it's common, and used for a lot of companies.

2. About all he can do is turn off the hotspot. There's usually no data you can get on these Chinese knock-offs.

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