How easy is it to access the power button?


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Dec 30, 2009
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So the power button on my droid has died. It's not stuck, (it still clicks and springs back up) it just doesn't do anything. It isn't a software issue because when the phone isnpowered off, it doesn't turn on. The only way I could power it up is by hooking it up to the charger.

Since it is 1 month out of warranty, verizon won't fix it. Verizons insurance blows and only covers getting a refurb for $89. I have a feeling fixing it is just a matter of cleaning it out. Everything else with the phone works perfectly.

I am probably going to upgrade my phone since I am contract, and am thinking of selling my phone. I am wondering how possible it would be to access the inside of the power button and see if I can fix it. Anyone have any experience?