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How do you customize Gboard's voice-to-text to eliminate slang? I want to translate a spoken word into a different word and/or permanently forget/block it?

For example, I hate the word "cuz", unfortunately I say it alot when I speak. When I say it I want to translate it into the word "because". In fact I despise that word "cuz" and I don't even want it suggested ever again. It isn't a real word and it shouldn't be in the dictionary!

Who decided it was wise to put slang in the gboard dictionary anyway? It's so absurd! Slang words are not real words.

Even if I speak slang, I absolutely do not want it translated into my text! If I want something that's not a real word or not a standard spelling translated into my text, I will put it in the personal dictionary.

WHY don't gboard's personal dictionary customizations follow through into their voice-to-text translations???

For example, I can easily eliminate a word from the list of suggested words by long pressing it. If I want to use the word later, I have to manually type it in...a very deliberate act. It won't swype back, I have to manually type it in.

Speaking a word is very easy. It can roll right off your lips before you know it. If I speak a word that has been removed from the suggested words instantly comes back like a bad rash. And it's back like it never left... that quick.

I go round and round with these kinds of words that I do not want to see or be translated... And frankly I am cussing Google the entire time!

This kind of annoyance is enough to make me dump the entire app! I have dumped many an app even paid ones for less!

Now of course you're going to say just don't say the word and it won't be re-added. That's a little easier said than done. And that solution does not have any value to me because it is not what I am asking.

So therefore if that's what you're going to say in your comment then just go ahead and move on; I don't want your comment cluttering up the thread... nor do I need your lectures on not speaking slang if I don't want to see it in the translation. My mom has that job and she doesn't need any help thank you.

This oversight of voice-to-text apps also explains why I've noticed a huge increase of slang in messages I receive... I am seeing this stupid waste-of-space word "cuz" all over the place. It's enough to make me not even want to continue reading the message that contains it at all. And it's annoying as all get-out that it is so easy to bring it back. One little slip of the tongue.

Obviously blocking words is not difficult... All these apps can block offensive words with a click to a check box. It would seem an obvious solution to allow users to add or remove words from the offensive word list. But then, they would have to treat adult users line actual adults... like an adult in a supposedly free country and reveal the offensive words in the list... That will never happen.

But like just about every other thing labeled "adult"... The prudish and lazy parents squeal and bawl about it and companies like Google respond by eliminating anything adult rated thereby stripping adult's of their rights to legal content! (what will happen one of these days when it's decided that it isn't legal to let kids see anyone say... drinking a beer?

All the vendors respond by eliminating any image of anyone drinking a beer and so no one, including adults ever get to see it anymore, though it's legal! ..Pfffft! okay that's another rant and I'm just getting disgusted now with how vendors think it's okay to presume to impose their morals and beliefs upon everyone. Who the heck are you to decide for me?? And what makes you even qualified to decide.. arghhh! Blah blah then don't use their products... I have to use Google! Google is a monopoly! Monopolies should not be allowed to dictate! End of rant, sigh....


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Dec 6, 2011
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Part of your post sounds like you believe we have some control over how an app or your phone operates and we do not. We are simply a group, a community, of people who talk about Android, Android devices and apps, who occasionally try to help people with issues that they are having. To best affect an app use the contact developers link that is included with the app at the Play Store and sometimes in the app settings themselves. This will take your suggestions, comments and concerns directly to the ears of the app developer.

While this is not what you wanted to hear, and I do apologize, as per your statement in paragraph 10, not everyone feels this way and voice to text would be useless to many if they had to speak proper English to their devices in order to compose messages by voice. Given this unfortunate fact it would be just about as worthless if the translation changed words to something other than what was spoken, potentially changing the meaning or context of a conversation. So while I won't say, say what you mean and you will get what you say, I will say that it is highly unlikely that slang will ever never be included in voice translation.
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