How to display 4k images natively on Android?


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Dec 30, 2019
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First post here. I've been trying to figure out how to display my large collection of 4K images natively (without downscaling) on my pretty beefy Android TV box King GT (S922X Amlogic, 4G of RAM) connected to my 4K TV. In terms of video, I can watch without issues up to 4K 60p, but couldn't find an app which would display images in 4K, with no downscaling. I am willing to learn app development if necessary (my background is in C/C++/CUDA, but I think I can learn Android coding, which is primarily Java AFAIK), but first I'd like to know if what I'm trying to achieve is even doable.

On my android box, "wm" command tells me that it thinks that the physical size and density of the player is 1920x1080, and 240 dpi (even though in Device settings I set the resolution to 2160p 60Hz, and this does work properly with video streaming).

I think there may be two ways to achieve what I want.

1) Is it possible for an app to display an image using resolution which is higher than what "wm" thinks is the physical size? If true, this would be my preferred way to crack this.

2) If the above fails, and only video can avail the true 4K resolution (presumably because it can use hardware based decoding on the GPU), is it possible to create a 4K video stream from my 4K images on the fly (using something like ffmpeg) on my Anroid box, and then send it to the GPU for decoding and displaying? The framerate is very low (one frame every 8-10 seconds), so I hope the CPU on the box can handle this in real time.

Thanks for any input!

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