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I accidentally bricked my Nextbook Ares 11A. Since it was useless at that point, I have been using it to experiment with different OS's and methods of install.

During the process, I tried to install a FULL Ubuntu 18.10 install. During this install the android internal HD showed multiple partitions, not just recovery, boot, and system.

I deleted all partitions, and created a whole new partition table to install Ubuntu just as 1 would do to a PC. The installation was quick and successful, but it would not install GRUB or LILO bootloader. The full OS is there, but it will not boot, not matter what device or method I use for the bootloader selections and install locations.

But a full OS is too stressful on the tablet, resting at 1.8 gigs RAM at idle on Ubuntu live, so full OS's are out of the question. The tablet only has 2 gigs of RAM.

How would 1 do a clean full install of Android Nougat from this point without having to send it in to the manufacturer?

Is it even possible at the consumer level?

Download links to needed files would be greatly appreciated.

Android Central Question

Dual boot PC with android OS?

I have a "rugged" tablet laptop that I want to install Android Nougat on along side Ubuntu 18.10.

I've seen machines running android OS and apps, and I'd like to do the same. My Laptop is running Core i5 with 8 gigs of RAM and 1 TB internal HD. It's a tablet PC, the screen spins around and lays flat with full multi-point touch and gesture support.

If my little Nextbook Ares 11A can run Subdivision Infinity as good as it does, I want to see what my lappie can do! I wanna tear this game a new blackhole!! I should be able to run ANYTHING android with TRUE multi-tasking support!!

The question is....HOW?

Links to any files needed for the process would be greatly appreciated!