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How to make phone set its ow volume settings and NOT that of the connected bluetooth speaker itself?

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Sorry in advance for the unprofessional description, I'm by far not an IT type of guy.

So... I just recently updated to Android 9, which brought about some very annoying practical problems. The most prominent at the moment is that:

1) BEFORE, if I connected to my bluetooth speaker, and let's say, it was at night, so I wanted to keep the volume relatively low and still have some space to play with, then I went up to my speaker, I physically set its volume to around, say, 30%, and then, if I was changing media volume on my phone, that changed the phone's output volume itself, within the speaker's already physically set limit (namely, 0-30%). This meant that I could do subtle changes.

2) NOW, after the update, if I connect my bluetooth speaker, and I start changing volume on my phone, it automatically changes the speaker's output volume (as if I was pressing the speaker's own buttons). The two are totally intwined. This might not seem like a proben but in fact it's freakin annoying, as now, when I press volume up/down on my phone, the speaker gets waaay louder/more quiet than I want to, because the scale it's moving on is the speaker's 0-100% physical limits.

The only thing I can do to reach the original result is to switch back to my phone's volume settings, thus disconnecting the bluetooth speaker for a few secs, set my phone's media volume to a lower level, switch back to the bluetooth volume, thus reconnecting to the speaker again, and this way if I start changing the speaker's volume as described in point 2), the end result (the nore subtle variation) is the same, only that it's the exact opposite logic. But this is pretty cumbersome, time-consuming, etc. I'd just like to be able to do it like before, as described in point 1). Is there a way for me to change it back to the original functioning?

Sorry for the long description and thanks for the help in advance!

Javier P

Feb 21, 2014
Thanks mate!
It's a Xiaomi Mi A1.
Thanks for registering. Do you want me to move your thread to the Xiaomi forum? We have seen some reports about Xiaomi devices having some bugs after the Pie update. I think there's a better chance to get some help from other owners moving your question over there.