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How to resolve regular unknown alert despite changing 3 mobile phone models?

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After switching out of Huawei P30 to a new android phone, I experienced chiming alerts regularly (weekly) and I've gone through all my apps and I can't find the source. Deleted or stopped all notifications including NFC but the alert (Ding ding ding) keep coming regularly. I switched to another phone. Did not copy any app or info, download every app one by one and the same problem came back! This is the 3rd android phone I am switching to and I've also changed to a new SIM card, gone through all the apps and it still chimes. Never had this problem for past decades until I switch out of Huawei. The only similar action I did for each new phone was to sign in with my google account and sync.... could it be some umknown google backend alert? This is driving me crazy!!!

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! It's almost certainly due to something you installed (either purposely or unwittingly). Safe Mode can help narrow things down a bit -- if it doesn't happen in Safe Mode, then you know it's something you installed.

Are the 3 tones the same or different? Does it sound like the old "NBC" jingle?