How to see, and change, default apps on a per-file-extension basis


Apr 29, 2011
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I've seen a few different things written that touch on this, but nothing I can find directly answers this question.

Is there a way in Android to see - and change - what app is the current default app for handling a file based on the file's extension? By handling, I'm referring in my case to when I open the file from the My Files interface on a Samsung phone, with Android 10.

There is the Settings -> Apps -> ... -> Default apps thing, but that doesn't seem to give you the option to look based on file extension (e.g. .mp3, or .txt, .abc, or whatever). It just brings up a list of very general app categories (e.g. "browser app" or "phone a''). So - that's no help.

In Settings -> Apps -> <select app>-> Set as default you can see if it's default for some file types, but that has two problems: A) you have to know the default app ahead of time, and B) You can only do "clear defaults" for *all* defaults for that app - you can't specify it on a per-extension basis. So - that's no help.

In the My Files app if you long-click a given file it gives an option "Open With" where you can select what app opens a file - however it doesn't show you what the *default* app is. If there is no default app then it will prompt you to "open always" - this does set the default app for that file type (yay) - however this only works for extensions that don't yet have a default specified. It doesn't work for ones that already have a default, where I want to view and maybe change the default app. So - that's no help.

Any other method that I'm missing, that someone knows about that could be used?

Note: I do *not* want to have to install some new app just for this purpose. I'm hoping that there's a way to do this in Android natively, like there is in pretty much any OS.


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