How to uninstall google play services so i can reinstall it?

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I have a rooted xiaomi redmi 2 running on miui 9 and android 5.1.1.
Recently there were notifications showed up that i need to update google play services.
I have tried conventionally tapping the notifications and updating it through google play but it keeps stopping with error 501.
Then i tried to externally download the apk and installing it manually but in miui installer it stops at the end ahowing error -110 with reason stated as "other".

I read many threads and they suggests uninstalling gplay services manually, so i did that.
I uninstalled it manually from settings>apps, reinstalling, didn't work.
I uninstalled it with system app remover, reinstalling, didn't work.
I uninstalled it using root explorer and deleting gmscore. apk in system>priv app, reinstalling, didn't work.

All while reinstalling after trying those 3 methods, i realized that while trying to reinstalling from the apk, it asked that if i want to "overwrite", which means it was not uninstalled despite all the effort i did to uninstall it.

Any help?

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