HTC Hero and Case Question (Sprint)


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Nov 26, 2009
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First post, looking forward to my new device that will be here tomorrow.

I have had a Pre and a Tour, and just recently purchased a HTC Hero for Sprint because of all of the things that it offers.

I have two questions.

The first one is regarding e-mail and calendars on google. I have 4 e-mail accounts currently.

1- Exchange for corporate work.
2- Gmail for Personal
3- Two for my businesses that I own that are both using google domain e-mail.

That being said, is there going to be any issue setting these all up on the Hero? I have always used IMAP on the three personal e-mails, and Exchange Active Sync for corporate. In addition I should be able to get my exchange contacts and calendar with the exchange setup. I only need my calendar and contacts from my primary gmail account to sync as I put all of them there. This should all work correct?

Second, in the last I have always used Phantom Skinz on my devices, as I think they work great. That being said has anyone installed one on the Hero, any issues? Also, I like the neoprene skins that cover the back and sides of the device, but also like belt holsters. My tour allows me to put the sleeve on and put it in a holster.

Can anyone recommend a holster that works with a sleeve?

Thanks in advance.


Jerry Hildenbrand

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Oct 11, 2009
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The emails will be a breeze to set up.
Exchange will use the native exchange client
Your personal gmail can act as the master acct of the phone, and will have instant push through the phones gmail app.
The other 2 gmail accounts can be set up as IMAP accts through the HTC mail program and checked on whatever schedule you like, or they can be pushed through the master gmail acct, labeled and sent to their own folder right on your phone if you need instant push for those.

The calendars will sync however you like, and are set up on the net at the google calendar site.

No idea about the phantom skinz...i just use a zagg shield and a ziplock baggie when I'm fishing :)

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Oct 30, 2009
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We put a Phantom Skinz on a friend's hero at work. Its great. Swipe, typing, etc all work fine. I have Phantom Skinz on order for my phone, and I don't have one yet. (But I will SOON)

I have Phantom Skinz on my Diamond, and I think it works better on the Hero.

I think they are the clearest (no orange peel) skin around.


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Nov 26, 2009
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Thanks for the respones! I got my phone on Friday, and I am a phone freak, and this thing is freaking awesome! I got an HTC skin case from BestBuy, and ordered a Phantom skin today. Love this phone, my wife even likes it and she is eligible for an upgrade so going to get her a new one today!

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