HTC One Mini vs HTC Desire 601


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Mar 23, 2014
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Aug 29, 2011
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I have been happily using a Desire 601 since shortly after it became available on Virgin Mobile. I had considered both the One Mini and the One (M7), but opted for the Desire 601 for the following reasons:

1) It kept me with Virgin Mobile. I have been on their $45/month plan for a few years now. For the unaware, Virgin Mobile in the USA uses Sprint's network, and I have excellent coverage in my area, including 4G LTE pretty much wherever I go. If my coverage was not as complete, this would have been a deal-breaker for me, and this should be your biggest concern, too.

2) It has expandable/removable storage. Since my media library runs right around 32GB, this is perfect for bringing my whole music library with me while still retaining the phone's built-in storage for apps and other data. If/when I need more room, I can pop that microSD card out and put in a 64GB one. Or a 128GB one. None of the other One's could do that when I made my decision.

Everything else between the two phones seemed to be a wash to me:

The plastic case of the Desire 601 isn't nearly as sexy as the metal cases of the other phones, but then again, dings are much easier to fix on the 601 - just replace the wrap-around rear cover.

The internals of the Desire 601 and the One Mini are virtually the same. See Android Central's review of the 601, and note the second paragraph. Hands-on with the HTC Desire 601 | Android Central

I use my phone as a media player as much as for any other purpose. When taking the dog for long walks, I play back news/talk programs that I record on my home theater PC and transfer to the phone. For my purposes, Boomsound or Beats Audio will give me the same functionality on any of these phones. The excellent front-firing speakers have negated the need to even bother with headphones while I'm out and about.

All told, the Desire 601 has completely fulfilled my needs and exceeded my expectations of the device. Putting it all together, I've been jokingly calling it the "HTC One Minus." Considering its value on a Virgin Mobile plan, maybe I should have called it the One Plus.
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Serg A

Jul 18, 2014
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I am considering to buy either HTC Desire 601 or One Mini in office for the development & testing needs. We need strong battery and no software glitches.
So, which one of those two you'd recommend?

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