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HTC One - Question about the Butterfly S.


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Sep 27, 2013
Hey all,

First off, I'm sorry for post this here but there isn't a Butterfly sub-forum. Anyway, I recently picked up a Note 3 but I'm really unhappy with Samsung's interface and layout of it's hardware buttons and so I'm think of returning it and getting something else. The HTC One has always been appealing but I was a not fan of it's lack of external storage and small battery. I recently found out about the Butterfly S and it seems to address of the issues that I had with the One. I'm a big fan of HTC's interface and so I'm wondering if still makes sense to buy a Snapdragon 600 device now the SD800 devices are on the market. I know specs aren't everything as I have gone back to my Nexus 4 and even tho that device is way lower spec'd than the Note 3 it performs a whole lot better. I'm not a big phone gamer and I mainly use my device to surf the web, read twitter, watch videos and read comics. Mainly I want to know how smooth is the interface(is it as good the Nexus 4) and how good is the battery life? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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