[HTC TV] Country Not Listed? Here's how you can still use it


Jul 9, 2013
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It sucks when one of the most prominent feature on your phone doesn't work, and for some of us HTC TV doesn't work because our country is not listed on the menu. TV is every couch potato's, like myself, wet dream it allows us to browse through our favorite channel, a glance of what's on and simply tapping it will magically take us there and set schdule for our fav show, it's awesome. So it's dissapointing when I found out it doesn't support my country. Thankfully with a little more effort we can still use the application. Here's my parameter
  • I use LG TV, but any tv should work
  • set top box is samsung, any brand should also work
  • No local tv, only "regional" and international
  • Open the TV application and you will have to select a country, since yours is not listed select a country nearest to you or within the same geographical region as yours. You will then asked to select cable provider, I suggest you do a bit of research on which provider match more closely as the one you have, obviously the more channel match the better.
  • You wil then asked to select channels that you recieve with your provider. Afterward you can select your fav channels and shows.
  • Next you choose your TV, and set top box. Don't worry if you can't find them. You can teach the One to learn your remote. Just follow the on screen guide. Here's some tips if you have to teach it
    1. Put some space between the phone and your remote, approximately 5 - 7cm. Our tendency is to get them as close as possible, however I found out that the space is necessary.
    2. if you can Try finding the infra red blaster in your remote and allign it with the phone power button. This will help speed up the process
    3. If you fail, try again. Sometime the button doesn't work even when the phone says that it has learned the code, when this happen just try registering the code again. Some buttons took me 4-5 times to get it right.
  • Now that the remote is done, we need to change the channel station number. As we are using channel lineup from a different country with different provider of course the lineup will not match with our provider. We can match the lineup station number by going to settings-channel-edit channels. There we can manually alter the station number to match with our provider. I suggest you start with the channels that you watch the most as this can be a daunting task to take at once.
  • Done, now you can enjoy the full feature of TV app.