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Aug 10, 2011
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Hey all,

So I decided to flash Droid4HD awhile back because I was getting bored with the old Motorola interface and wanted to try the new Circle Widgets, and only having 1 screen if I wanted. I waited along time for 2.0 to come out so I can use 4.1 with the ROM. However since it might have been a while, I think I probably made a few misshaps.
Can't remember wether I installed it on a safe portion first or stock, I'll go with stock first. After I rebooted I don't think it even worked, as I saw well not the ROM (I did wipe the caches.) So then I divided up and installed it on another part of the system. I got some problems that was stated like the HOME key stopped working. But then I also got problems like I got on my stock rom before like Facebook has crashed, this has crashed, my play store stopped working, same with my browser, and ect.
After two weeks I got sick with it and started again with a Factory reset (Through safestrap and D4 Utility) on my stock portion. Took a while to setup, wouldn't communicate right, everything google is crashing, I don't even know anymore.
Ok now I don't think it's charging, seriously guys I'm completly lost here. Oh and what about Mass Storage, how do you go about that now? I actually can't even find change charge / media usb options. Virtual keyboard dosent work either.

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