I don't want to give up my Nexus, but


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Mar 29, 2012
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As I have stated in previous posts I am on my 4'th Nexus. The first 3 kept getting lost to the network and sending all calls directly to voice mail. My fourth one does take calls. When it has a signal that is.

I was out and about yesterday and over an 8 hour period had no signal 47 percent of the time. My wife's Tbolt had a 4 percent loss those same 8 hours.

I live in the southern part of Illinois in a town of 5 thousand. With scattered towns of 500 up to 20 thousand. I'm really beginning to think that the Nexus is never going to work as a rural area phone. Verizon has offered numerous times to be give me a maxx which I have refused. I want a hd screen and ics pre installed.

(edit) I said that was non negotiable requirements, but due to the need for a phone that works as a phone in my area that has become negotiable. Lol.

I am interested in the S3, but with it being another Samsung phone I am leary of it. I have read many times that Samsung suffers in the signal area and don't want to get rid of one gimped phone for another.

I would like to hear some thoughts on this.

Have you had other Samsung phones and was the signal as bad as the Nexus in small town areas.

Do you think or have you discovered that the 3 will have a better signal and be usable in rural areas.

Or should I just hold out for the maxx hd?

Love my Nexus but when it can't be used as a phone 40 or 50 percent of the time it's something I can't live with.

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