I found spyware apks in my phone and...

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Jan 15, 2017
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I downloaded a phone info app and when I went to apps it popped up about 12 that were a green android icon and said a different app than what they were supposed to be. Said Fullilove and ended up being mic apks.. camera apks, location, well spyware. So I downloaded an APK extractor and hoped the issue was solved. I was wrong. Also seems my phone is registered to a few platforms.. Android, AWS, it's also in my tablet. If I can actually get a logger to run you can see the remote log ins and absolutely no files are stored in my phone they are all streamed out.. my every move, every word, and even thoughts are monitored I swear. I have a ex bf.. current ex who I had no idea held such computer skills. It leads back to him. I just cant figure out how to stop it. He denies it so no help there. I've factory reset my phone twice. Even a firmware reset. Signed back in with a new gmail. Still an issue. The one spyware apk said it can log in no wifi and mirror as well as remote access.. I am about to smash this thing.. I have a Samsung Galaxy J7. It also prevents me from downloading ANY ROOT APPS! I feel so violated to where I no longer use my tablet.. about to retire my phone for good as well. There has to be away to solve this problem, problems! Please someone help


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Jul 7, 2013
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There has to be away to solve this problem

If you can show them everything you're describing here, I'm sure you local law enforcement would LOVE to hear about this person stalking you if that is what is happening.

Once that's done, have your carrier change your number (some will do this for free), get yourself new devices and a brand new email/Google account that has never been linked to the compromised device(s). This is really the best way to del with this.

OK, that part is said. Here's the reality - some apps will store stuff in AWS, it's a popular cloud save location these days. These may be legitimate functions you're seeing. I'm not sure what function the APK extractor plays in all this or how it helps what what you're seeing. Some apps have legitimate reasons for asking for mic, camera, location access. Are you seeing dedicated apps related to those functions beyond standard ones?
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