I receive notifications very late all of the sudden.


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Apr 25, 2019
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Hello, I have a very annoying issue. I receive notifications very late all of the sudden. I was avoiding to update for a few months due to the change of the minimum Notification Reminder interval in the new android OS from 1minute interval to 3min interval.

Unfortunately I stopped receiving notification on time. Some of the notifications came hours later and it was causing me a lot of problems. I have tried EVERYTHING on the previous OS, then finally I just had to try to update in case that fixed it. It didn't. I tried again EVERYTHING on the new OS and same. Am in despair, please advice what can I do to get notifications on time.

Below I list steps I took so far for both versions of the OS aiming to receive notifications from skype and snapchat:
1. Set applications to be unmonitored for battery and memory
2. Change all notifications settings of both applications to be on (literally all options are on including sound)
3. I enabled developer options and set data to be always on, i purchased unlimited data package
4. Set wifi stability over performance
5. Installed app, "Missed notifications Reminder" to get the notifications pushed to me
6. I have tried to switch all other instances of this applications on other devices and also enabled them again for another phone and a laptop. I do not receive (for skype case) notifications on any of them
7. I disabled do-not-disturb option all together, and set both the apps to send notifications anyone
8. I set both apps to Always-On-top
9. I set Allow-App when data saver is on (even tho its off)

PLEASE. Tell me what to do, I have tried everything I can think off and still I do not receive notifications in time. (maybe after 4-5hours or never)

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