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I reserved the Essential - ready to ship - but... I'm on the fence... Thoughts?


New member
Feb 26, 2013
I signed up for the Essential phone a while back. In the mean time, I got this S8+. I got an email saying I can buy the Essential now.

The little geek on my left shoulder is saying... "buy it"

The self-control fairy on my right shoulder is saying... "hold out, hold out"

They have a decent 15-day return policy. Looking at it now though, I'm not sure I want it. I'm not sure I want to take the risk either.

Any thoughts?
Depends on what you want out of a phone.
No IP 67
Lcd screen
Average camera
Lack of accessory support.
No wireless charging
No headphone jack

Overall astetics and design
Fps in a sensible location
Stock Android
Uniqueness. It's not the iPhone or Samsung that everyone else has

Ten Four

New member
Jan 14, 2016
Never, ever, ever purchase a piece of technology prior to its release. There are always bugs, sometimes major. Why be the Guinea pig that gets to test the product? My rule is never purchase any technology until at least 6 months after it first hits the market. Plus, if you wait a bit longer you will pay less--often a lot less. The first adopters pay through the nose to be beta testers and often end disappointed. How many times have you read about some product that sounded great in the PR material and then turned out to be a disappointment?