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I want my marshmallow back!


New member
Feb 6, 2017
It's been two days, and I do not like nougat.

1- the update wiped out all of my text shortcuts
2- several of my settings changed, like auto punctuate
3- the default font is thinner, which is harder for me to read
4- same goes with icons like the delete "trash can"
5- (and most important) I have an ICE app that puts a notification panel on my lock screen. I have the app set as priority, but nougat gives email and other apps priority, while marshmallow did not. I need my ICE panel to stay visible at all times and not get bumped off my lock screen! It lists my meds and dosages, along with my emergency contacts.

The one thing I like so far about nougat is being able to rearrange the quick settings icons. But I'll gladly give that up!

Does anyone know how to downgrade back to 6.0.1?

S6 in easy mode, AT&T