If not a Thunderbolt, then what?

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Oct 28, 2009
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If the Bionic isn't locked up I will give it a look. Or if the next iPhone for Verizon is 4g, I will give it a look. If either of these things don't happen then I'm in it for the long haul.

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Mar 8, 2011
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if the new 4g pricing is $50 for 5mg of data then I am out!! I can accept a $10 increase like sprint but if the increase is beyond that for the TB then ill either grab a Fascinat on the bay or go to Sprint!


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Jan 10, 2011
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I thought it was odd how the Verizon CTO sends out his cryptic message about how LTE phones are experiencing problems and they are shooting to have everything ready by Q2? So does this completely blow the Q1 release talk out of the water and we are looking at a delay of several months instead of several weeks? But then multiple sources say this has little to do with the tbolt release? This is just plain annoying, almost as annoying as owning a blackberry storm 2.

I had just about talked myself into getting an Incredible, I want an HTC not a Samsung, not a Motorola, and definitely not an LG. Sense is the only manufacturer skin that gets praised, the best thing I hear about samsung and motorola's UI is that you can tolerate them or root the phone and replace them, doesnt sound like something I want. The fascinate, droid 2, droid x or another carrier really doesnt seem to be a route I want to take. Im either getting the thunderbolt now and keeping it, or getting the Incredible to hold me over till an HTC thats better than the bolt comes out.

Im probably going to wait it out until the 17th and see what happens, in the meantime I will try to avoid throwing my blackberry at something out of frustration. Vzw said Q1 and said that it was probably going to be March and I can stick it out.