Interesting sound issue [please help]

Aug 9, 2013
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Okay, for starters I'm running the latest Cyanogenmod build (10.1.2 stable) with beats audio installed. I have noticed something weird in terms of sound quality. Overall, the phone sounds excellent and the noise (hiss) is practically nonexistent. However, when I use netflix, the sound quality is somewhat bad at lower volumes (pops and crackles). I also notice this during some youtube videos, and in the Xfinity video player app. If I have my headphones on at a decent volume, its fine and I don't notice it unless I try to. It just annoys me a lot (I'm paranoid about issues, any scratch on my phone and its the only thing I notice). The funny thing is, most apps I use and the google play music app sound absolutely excellent. Some youtube channels also sound excellent at lower volumes where crackling can be found on other youtube videos. I think this is a format issue, and lower quality compressed audio is being used. any input guys? And if it makes a difference, I use some pretty high quality headphones

I have solved the issue myself, with an install of baked rom, the latest faux 123 kernel, and faux sound.
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