Internal Memory Filling constantly with no downloads or new apps


AC Question

Hello, i am currently the owner of a LGMS323

Hardware version REV.1.0

Android Version 4.4.2
Kernel Version 3.4.0+
Software version MS32310d

It's an older phone but right now i am in between phones for a bit and am not going to be able to get another phone soon, so i'd like to fix this problem. So-

I got this phone from a friend secondhand and immediately reset it to factory defaults. I opened it and its 1.5 GB internal memory was already at 1.2GB filled. I thought that was odd but i figured hey whatever. So i grabbed an app or two, and thats it. I have a total of four apps on this phone. Then, slowly over time, for reasons unknown, the phone began to run out of space. This process began to accelerate. For uknown reasons now, my phone will fill itself within the span of 20 minutes, until absolutely full. I tried clearing the cache, have 2 cleaners on the phone now, and i can manage to bring the phone back down to 1.2GB but it instantly (Within 20 minutes) rockets back to being full with no apparent reason whatsoever.

I have tried disabling the majority of the apps, i have cleared all the data from them, stopped a majority of them, and the problem persists. Oddest of all, the APP Cache Cleaner app i downloaded shows the phone has only 86 MB taken of the total 1.5GB, with plenty of free space, but the phone itself is 100% convinced it is full or near full at all times and nothing seems to change this. Please help.