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Is it possible to connect an Android phone to a 10Gbps Ethernet?

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I have an adapter that I can use to connect my Android device to the router through the Ethernet port. The problem is that this adapter is just 1Gbps. I have searched but I could not find any adapter that supports 10Gbps. Do you know an adapter that supports it?


Q&A Team
Jul 7, 2013
You have more than 1 Gbps internet? You're moving enough data to/from your phone over your network that you need that kind of speed? If you're looking for it just because your router supports it, I can certainly find better ways to spend $150 or more. MOST network ports/switches are backward-compatible, slower speeds should work fine. A quick Google search revealed several options for those USB-C 10 Gbps network adapters. The challenge is that they're not just dongles, they appear to be somewhat hefty boxes...

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