Is keeping the battery between 20 and 80 % still a thing?


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Aug 7, 2018
I used to also be a battery longevity freak.

At some point I figured that I'd rather just start the day at 100% but also try to charge before it hits 10% than to actively try to keep it between 30% - 80% which can be very tedious. There's just no time for that. Ideally all phones would charge overnight and stop at 80%, and then charge the remaining 20% during the last half hour before the morning alarm rings. That way you start the day with a full battery, but at the same time it wasn't sitting at that 100% for 7 hours.

Most people upgrade anyway, but if not and someone wants to get the full 4-5 years of security updates Samsung now gives for their flagships, then just paying a phone repair shop the $70 - $100 for a battery replacement isn't a bad idea. Then you're back at roughly 100% battery health for the final two years of ownership. That's if the phone battery is shot but the OLED panel is still without burn-in and all components still work. If not, then trading it in for an upgrade would be the better option.

TLDR: It's not worth the stress/worry for what would be at most a $100 replacement job.

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