Issue with sync and push notifications / background data, any tips?


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Feb 8, 2016
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Issue with sync and push notifications / background data

I have an HTC One M9 running Android 5.1. For over a week now my phone has not been receiving most push notifications or syncing accounts. I do get Facebook and messenger notifications, but almost nothing else. Once every couple of days my gmail will decide to sync and notify me, but most of the time I have to manually sync. It seems like background data is not working correctly. I have tried turning account sync on and off to no change. I tried turning off mobile data and background data, restarting the phone and enabling those again per a suggestion I found. In searching so far I have found issues for specific accounts not syncing but not an issue that affects multiple accounts / apps like this. Any suggestions or tips to try? I'd like to avoid a factory reset but it seems like that may be my only option.