Issues with log in on multiple apps [Samsung Galaxy S5]: is this a virus?


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Feb 29, 2016
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Hi, so about 3 weeks ago, the email app on my Samsung Galaxy S5 logged out and won't sync with the gmail account. I tried to log in, but Gmail blocked it, saying it's insecure. However, I managed to log in about a day after. This happened again a week later with the same result. Afterwords, different apps that require sign in automatically log off and require log in information while they normally automatically log in. It doesn't happen all at once, but has happened at least 5 times with different apps requiring log in from Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Gmail, and other intermediary services for all kinds of Apps.

I'm kind of paranoid that it may be a new kind of virus that logs off your access to Apps and then uses a key logging program to obtain your user information without alerting the security programs of the services. Does anyone have experiences with this kind of behavior? Is it normal or would it be a virus. Cleanmaster app says there is no virus, but it's pretty useless as a antivirus as it keeps warning me that my Messages and Email are insecure, and I need to download its subsidairy security app. I tried that app, but it froze my phone too often so I deleted it.

A maybe completely different thing I've noticed is that my phone used to freeze a lot about 3 months since I got it. Near start of January, the phone slows to crawl when RAM gets to 1.45/1.6 Gb and I need to clear it for it work again. When cleared, it drops to 1.1 or 1.2/1.6 GB It gradually got less and less until 1.3/1.6 Gb slows it down and happens about 3 times a day. Since the past week, my phone has not frozen even once despite using the same intensive apps and system processes. Was there a background program running. and is 1.1 Gb/1.6 Gb a fairly standard base rate?

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