iTunes videos to Samsung note 4


Nov 28, 2014
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Hello all. I have a few TV shows purchased from iTune but it seems even if I download it on my Mac it won't play. Is there a way I could transfer those videos or convert them into a format that is compatible with my Note 4? Many thanks.

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Feb 12, 2012
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They key word here is "purchased". You can't run those videos on any other device, they're DRM locked to the device they're on. About the best you could do (it's still a copyright violation, though) is aim the Note 4's camera at the iPhone's screen and record the shows as they play.

Don't blame Apple, don't blame Samsung, don't blame Android - blame the Digital Rights Millennium Act, passed by the same people who brought the War on Drugs and the Contract with (or was it "on"?) America - the Congresscritters of America. When you "buy" certain media, you're only buying the right to use it on a single device. Are you anti-American and want Hollywood's profits to fall all the way down to the 9 digits-per-year-per-company area?