Just got another Verizon Note 4. Installed ZeroLemon battery


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May 30, 2013
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Verizon has this 4 phones for $160 unlimited plan and my payment went up only by $10 since I already had 3 phones on it.

anyway, there is an Ebay vendor selling both Verizon and AT&T variants for very cheap, just over $100 and mine came in either like new or new, very impressed and works nicely. Much better connectivity than the LG Optimus G Pro I had for years on the AT&T network.

Nice. I think right now Note 4 represents the best all around deal, and is still a nice phone despite being somewhat dated. It does however hit all the main points that I want:

* 2560x1440 screen, above HD
* Removable battery that can be upgraded with an extended ZeroLemon battery
* 16:9 ratio


I can tell you right now, the stock battery is almost always nearly dead in these new-old-stock phones, manufactured in 2014 and Li-Ion batteries go dead whether used or not. I had several of them and the runtime is abysmal via the stock battery, measured in several hours. Mine was going down 1% per minute or so, so the battery was dead. Even when it was new and running at full capacity, it was not adequate for such a high-resolution phone. The phone hasn't been made in several years, all the batteries are old and almost dead, so count on replacing it either with an aftermarket battery of the same capacity or better an extended capacity battery.
I hear Mugen is another fine choice.

Thankfully ZeroLemon arrived the same day, I got the max 10,000 capacity and its runtime is phenomenal. I installed a voltage meter app and it was still hanging at 4.15V by noon (almost 90%) full.
I highly recommend throwing out the original battery and replacing it by a ZeroLemon model, it makes the phone just a little thicker and easier to hold but you do not have to worry about running out of power in the early afternoon at best. And can recharge once a day.

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