LDAC and other codec selection in Android


May 30, 2023
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So I have an S22 I bought in January, and I just got a nice headphone DAC/amp for it because the passive dongle I tried (to use the internal one I assumed would be decent like my S9) proved the internal DAC was definitely overlooked. I should have expected it'd be a waste of 10 bucks - there's no jack for a reason!!

Anyway, S22, in the Bluetooth settings page, has two options for Mr DAC (Topping G5 if you're interested - so far the best DAC, mobile OR stationary, that I've bought for any price. Highly recommended if you're into audio, it's an unregrettable purchase as it outperforms some stuff costing easily over 10x the price).

G5 options, I can enable "Audio"... duh.
And second: LDAC.

LDAC is supposed to be the best codec to use, but only at 660+kbps (options: 330, 660, 990). Since it's too easy to drop to 330, I want to try to compare any of the other codecs to see which is optimal when I have my phone in the place it usually is relative to the DAC.

I'm used to PC, using foobar2000 to route things how and where I want, and until now I hadn't given any thought to how I'd be routing things. I assumed that if Android didn't have built in options there'd be a basic 3rd party app to use, but so far I've seen nothing.

My last device (which broke, but until then was great) was a Radsone ES100 - a tiny 0.5x1x2" device that had more than good enough and definitely loud enough sound with all day battery in its tiny ~20 gram package that you could literally clip to your shirt. It had its own software which allowed good equalization, and control of its numerous features - like which codec to use

G5 has no software, but I like it so much because its sound reproduction is that good. If it was only available without wireless I'd still use it on the go. But since it supports all these different codecs and no software, I have to believe that I'm just missing the way of how to configure Android to use my preferred codec.
Also, if I could just force LDAC minimum bitrate to 660, and instead of negotiating slower there'd be dropouts. I could then just adjust the devices physical proximity accordingly.

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