LED Notification and Music


Jul 19, 2011
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2 questions
1. Is there a way to manipulate the stock music app with the screen off? Or maybe there is another music app that will allow this? With my OG droid i was able to hold the volume up/down button to skip to the next track or previous track (it was rooted though).
2. Is there a way to keep the LED notification light lit when you receive a txt or whatever? I use handcent SMS and use the custom blink rate of "time on: 1000" and "time off: 0000". Im more concerned with my txt messages notification light than anything else. Thank you.


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Apr 27, 2010
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I'm not sure if this will solve #2 or if you even want to go through this process, and I'm not sure if you want your led to be constant or blink but here is what I had to do to get my led to blink for notifications when my phone was locked....you might want to check out the entire post titled "noled" that I posted earlier today:

I got to thinking about what Freeky1 said about my screen always being on and causing my battery to drain faster, so I diligently searched the internet and came across the below in another forum:

"I was able to fix the problem, with help from a message I saw over on Android Forums:

1). Factory reset your phone (I didn't erase any SD card data)
2). After the reset is complete, do not log into your Google account - skip this
3). Have someone send a text message to your phone with the screen off - the LED light should blink correctly
4). Now sign into your Google Account and reconfigure your phone"

I hated to try this because I basically had my phone customized just right, but I tried it anyway...and it worked like a charm...this even fixed an original vibrate problem I was having in which I had to install "sound manager" to get my vibrate to work properly with emails and texts. Only downside, I have to reset my phone up the way I had it before...but no more NoLed and no more Sound manager...Yippee!!!:)