LG K7 stuck in boot loop can anyone help?


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Jan 5, 2017
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My lg k7 is stuck in boot loop. I tried to reboot my phone into recovery so I could flash a new rom and get rid of my virus, but it went horribly wrong. I tried to boot it via TWRP using rom manager. I used rom manager because the app flashify wasn't working. When I tried to boot my phone into recovery via twrp using flashify it gave me the error "Secure booting error! Error Code : 1003 MODIFIED ! !" Then my device booted back up, but when I tried it with Rom manager which I didnt even install anything I was stupid and tapped boot into recovery mode, now im stuck in boot loop with the same "Secure booting error! Error Code : 1003 MODIFIED ! !" Error. I have tried to factory reset my device in the recovery mode, but it does literally nothing, and just throws me back into the bootloop. The model is m330.