Lg stylo 4 won’t use wifi for calls (sometimes)

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My phone is almost unusable without WiFi, in my location (for talking).

However, my phone often fails to use WiFi for a voice call.

It seems to get into a “mode” in which it won’t do so.

My internet is working (my computer can access the internet, via WiFi).

My phone indicates that it is connected to my WiFi.

WiFi calling is “on”.

Yet, calls are not WiFi.

[When a WiFi call is in progress, there is a “WiFi” icon on the call “screen”.]

I sometimes find myself unable to use my phone for hours, or even days.

Then, suddenly, it starts using WiFi for calls.

It seemed as if recycling power on the router and the phone sometimes caused the phone to start using WiFi for calls, but I don’t know whether that was just coincidence. That procedure does not currently work.

Any help appreciated.

My phone info is below:

LG Stylo 4
Model LM-Q710US
Hardware version Rev 1.0

SOFTWARE (Update Center indicates that I am using the current version)
Android Version 9
Baseband Version MPSS.TA.2.3.c11-00078-8953_GEN_PACK-1.226095.1.266483.3
Kernel 3.18.120
Build # PKQ1.190522.001
Software version Q710US20h

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