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LG TOOL (marshmellow update)a little help?


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Jan 27, 2015
T-Mobile LG G3 D85120G; using the lg update tool on my pc and I got all the way until you your asked to pick a model # for the last drivers if it's not allready downloading but under T-Mobile phones to pick from the only one is (D851 tn) its the only D851 offered.But the tn made me stop because I didn't think it was the right model.If any one can help and tell me is that the right one or not it would be greatly appreciated.So sick of waiting for them to send it out,thank you!!!

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the Core

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Apr 7, 2016
Hi jl1959,

All I can find for the abbreviation tn is: "T-mobile Nashville". Does that make sense? The 20G is some version number. The 2 means it's the second Android OS version available for the LG G3 i.d. "Lolipop"

I think you can select the D851 tn without issues.

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