Looking for Text Expansion (of sorts) AND S-Pen functionality


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Nov 27, 2014
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Hey everyone, brand new to the android world, after many many years over on iOS... Let me try to explain what I'm looking for. :)

A keyboard that has a long press button (or dedicated button on the keyboard itself) to bring up a list of commonly used phrases (editable of course). The 0-9 long press shortcuts on the stock Samsung keyboard work ok, but, remembering which phrase is on which key is a pain. Also, the stock Samsung keyboard is the only one that facilitates handwriting mode when the S-Pen is removed.

In theory, a long press on the spacebar would be ideal to bring up a short list of phrases....

Anyone have any ideas?

I have tried google keyboard and added in the shortcuts into the dictionary, but, I'm forced to lose s-pen functionality there. If I was going to lose s-pen, I'd like to have what I mentioned above. Lol

Thanks in advance!!