M9 calls become unknown after ending the call.


Feb 29, 2012
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Hello everyone,
I'm in really weird situation, I have HTC One M9 from Rogers,
I bought in June 2015 for my wife and she's is using it for regular use.. (phone, email, alarm, occasional maps and Facebook).

Its been working good but in last December, she noticed something and told me and i started working on it to figure out whats wrong with the phone...

What happen is she'll receive a call.. it'll display a name and number even though she doesn't have that number stored in contacts...because she have call display and name display(a feature from rogers).
After accepting the call and talking when she hangs up ... within few seconds the call log with turn the name and number to unknown.. you wont know who called and there's no way to fix it ... and it does to random numbers but do it most of the time .. May be one in ten calls is left unchanged..

So here what i did to resolve it..

1) Made a backup of the phone by copying contents and through HTC Sync. Did a factory reset and only restored text messages, pictures and contacts using HTC SYNC.. but problem was there.

2) Reset and Restored again this time used a VCF file to store contacts and text using backup feature built in phone and restored .. Problem still there...

3) Reset and No restoration for two days also after putting Gmail id .. i didn't even update any app because i thought may be an app update is doing this.. But the problem is still there...

4) Waited till marshmallow update became available... deleted everything .. updated the contacts via vcf files... Organized all the contacts, deleted duplicates, deleted all the contacts in google and in Hotmail .. all the contacts are in Phone only. Didn't restore anything.. and the problem is there and i think now its WORST ... since now i noticed once in a while it converts the contacts which are in phonebook now..

I contacted Rogers they are like all we can do is send it for Repairs since its under warranty, they said try contacting HTC... and their supports seems worst.. i called them at 9:45 P.M E.s.t and they close at 10:00

instead of solving my problem C.S.R. decide to stall me saying have you tried playing around with the phone, go in settings and see if you find anything and then when he was out of stalling he said giveme you IMEI number let me see what can i do.. when i was giving him the number he just HUNG UP one me.

Any Sugestions what to do before i send it to repairs...

Also phones never been rooted or unlocked... everything is stock and since day 1.. i'm using the HTC Dot view Cover.

Debs Wombat

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Feb 18, 2016
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I wish I had an answer for you, but I came here myself looking for a solution to almost exactly the same problem. I have an HTC One M9 running Android 6.0 (although this problem was present in the previous Android version). When a call comes in from a contact that's in my Google contacts, their caller information shows on my screen; however, my call history updates with their name and phone number ONLY if I miss the call. If I answer the call, Call History shows '(Unknown)' without a phone number. If I call OUT, the call history also updates just fine. This has happened with approximately 30 callers; if the caller isn't in Google Contacts, Call History updates just fine, regardless of whether or not I answered the phone. I'm a Rogers customer too, and the phone has been having this problem since I bought it in November. I actually did try going through HTC Support; they were lovely and spent a good 90 minutes working with me, but eventually decided it was an Android issue.

Any suggestions would be appreciated - a full factory reset has not solved the problem!


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Jul 20, 2016
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I did a live chat with HTC on their website and the agent had me check to make sure all the Phone App updates were installed. Once I confirmed that it was updated, I had to do the following:

Settings > Apps > 3 dots > Show system >

Then scroll down and select Phone

When the Phone options come up, select Storage > Clear cache

A warning message pops up which says something about losing all the data permanently, which I was told to press OK

Then the agent said to select "Force Stop" and accept the warning message that "the app may misbehave."

After that when I received phone calls from my own contacts, it would appear in my call history. When I receive phone calls from people not in my contact list, it will say "Unknown" but keep the phone number. This fix does not seem to repair previous unknown calls in my history, but appears to fix the issue going forward.

Hopefully this helps anyone else experiencing the same issue. If you are unsure about following the prompts I was told to follow, try to use the HTC Live Chat option on their website, it was pretty helpful.


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Jul 19, 2017
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I have wasted hours on the phone and this solution is what they have me do, but it doesn't work. Any suggestions? Absolutely ridiculous when someone phones me I have to write the number down before I answer it in case I need to phone them back.

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