Managed to brick a Samsung Galaxy S i500


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Jun 7, 2012
Visit site's the thing. Supposedly it's impossible to 100% brick an i500. Well I believe I managed it. If not, I would REALLY like to fix it. I use it just for media stuff these days, like reading and music.'s what I did. I know it was stupid.

1. Rooted my Samsung Fascinate i500 from Ntelos.
2. Got a bunch of replacement apps, like Go Launcher EX, and pretty much every other thing the GO team came up with, along with a new music and internet app.
3. Used Titanium Backup to delete system apps(like the launcher, basic internet, and some other stuff) instead of freezing them. I am an uber noob. It shows, yes?

This was all some time ago, when it was actually connected to a plan and used as a phone. It still worked...most of the time. It would derp and freeze up occasionally, but otherwise worked fine.

4. At some point a few days ago I somehow uninstalled something that caused the wifi to cycle itself back on no matter what I did (including turning on airplane mode, it just turned airplane mode off and cycled the wifi back on) causing battery drain, since it's constantly searching for SVC. So since I couldn't figure out what happened to cause this, I decided it was time to finally get a custom ROM. I used ROM Manager to try and flash a custom rom I cooked in this online kitcheny thing.
It didn't work. Anyway, I went into the recovery and cleared the cache thingies, hoping it would help.

Instead, I no longer have a launcher. Since the default launcher was gone, apparently it won't let me use my Go Launcher EX anymore, or even bring up the menu to set it as a default.

I went through the steps to flash a new ROM or the original I found using ODIN3 and the download screen. I can get to the download screen fine...but ODIN3 won't recognize my phone. At all. Ever. I do have the right drivers, if I'm not mistaken. this point, I don't know what the hell to do. I don't have the money for a new one, or I'd get it and start over and do it right this time.


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