Marshmallow 6.0 GPS bug

omega supreme

Nov 15, 2015
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OK so when I updated to marshmallow 6.0 on my lg G stylo on T-Mobile just over a month ago I noticed that some of my apps were not working properly. Mainly anything that uses GPS....

I thought the apps needed updating but nothing worked. I ended up sending my phone back as defective and found out via a Google search that the new 6.0 has a GPS bug (along with several others)...neither customer support from T-Mobile or LG know about this...

since i am now convinced that it's the os and not the phone I've neglected to upgrade the replacement phone they sent me and am now back on lollypop since the GPS works fine on that... Does anyone know of a fix or workaround for the GPS bug? Otherwise I will be stuck on lollypop until who knows when.

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