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Jan 17, 2015
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Well there you go.
I don't work for Google by the way.

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Dec 17, 2022
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Pixel 7 Pro battery life is excellent. I have my brightness at 75-80%. I use 5g and 120hz display. I use maps and any other apps. I game lightly. I am a heavy user and get like 7 hours SOT and still have a range of battery life from around 50% to 25% on super heavy days.

I have all adaptive Battery and charging features enabled. It takes some time for the adaptive Battery to figure out your usage patterns. Once it does after a few weeks you will find your battery life gets better. In the first couple weeks it is average to not great but I have never completely run down the battery and generally no matter what have about 20% left.

I have a Samsung Galaxy s22 plus and I used to switch between the two but I have grown so happy with the Pixel 7 Pro I rarely use the s22 plus anymore.

Obviously there are personal preferences between one UI 5 and Pixel vanilla Android. I feel like the Pixel is smoother overall in use. It has a better camera. It has a better screen. The animations and wallpapers are much better on the Pixel and the AI features like call screening, speech to text and others are not even offered in any other phone. So in my opinion the Pixel is just a better phone overall. There are no duplicate apps, no apps from 3rd parties pre installed that I can't uninstall. There are no gimmick features that I never use like edge panels or sPen. Some people really like that stuff and I get it. I am really tempted to get an s23 ultra and trade in my s22 plus. But I really like my Pixel.
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Mar 6, 2012
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I'll take a look today. But would the Pixel 7 be a downgrade from the Note 10?

Sorry for the late response! I don't think it would necessarily be a downgrade -- it depends on your perspective! Both the Pixel and Samsung experiences are top-notch -- you can't go wrong with either!