Memos and Tasks from Palm Pre to S3


Nov 16, 2012
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So I switched to the Galaxy S3 a couple months ago and am very impressed with the device. Most of my stuff was in the cloud so it all just synced up once i transitioned. Two things that didn't were my memos and my tasks. I did a database dump of my Pre using the SQLLite approach as detailed in the webOSNation forums. For the memos I was able to convert the memo CSV file into an Evernote format and then import it via the Evernote desktop application. This way my memos are now in the cloud and will probably follow me no matter what device I am using in the future. If anyone needs a converter app i have one from CSV to Evernote format.

Now for the tasks Im looking at two options. One is to get my CSV file into a format recognized by the Samsung Kies application. The app lists several formats it supports but i cant find any info on the details of the formats. Plus this wouldn't reside in the cloud, only locally in my S3. My second option is to sync my Hotmail account with my device. I put a test task in my Hotmail account and sure thing I can see it in my S3 once i sync. This has the benefit of my tasks residing in the cloud and also being visible in the same place where my Corporate Exchange tasks are also listed. However, I cant see a way to import a CSV file of tasks into web Hotmail.

Any recommendations or suggestions?


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