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Motog3 doesnt detect the sd card formatted as internal storage

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I have been using 16gb Moto G3 since 3 years and about 8 months ago I formatted a 32 gb card as internal storage. It has been working alright until last month. Now it is unable to detect the SD card though it is present in the slot. I have to unmounted and remount the card everytime everytime this error shows up and the mobile retains it only for about 5 mins and after that..voila..! Device cannot detect a SD card holding the required data.
Can someone please help me out with this problem


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
I'd suspect a bad card. Formatting it as a portable card would prove it, but you'd end up having to do a factory reset. (This is one reason it's bad to format SD cards as internal storage.)